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What is Flavocard?

Flavocardis a dietary supplement obtained from selected cocoa beans using natural methods, assuring the high contentof bioavailable flavanols. Flavocard is offered in the form of sachets (20 sachets in one package). The contents of a sachet should be suspended in the water or milk. Flawanols are natural substances of plant originthat, among others, improve the function of blood vessels.

once per day.
It has been proved, that daily intake 200 mg flawanols coming from cocoa beans maintains proper elasticity of blood vessels which contributes to normal blood flow.
200 mg of flawanolsis present in 2.5 g cocoa powder – the content of 1 sachet of Flavocard, recommended to be taken once per day.

Is Flavocard for me?
Flavocard maintains normal blood flow, that is essential for healthy life and healthy ageing. Flavonoids contained in cocoa beansimprove blood vessels elasticity maintaining normal blood flow in whole organism. It is obvious, that everyone needs normal blood flow, hence Flavocard can be a good solution for everybody who cares to be active physically. It is fair to say, however, that are certain groups, which should particularly take care aboutblood vessels. Age is an important factor affecting condition of blood vessels. It is impossible to say when we start aging but it is unquestionable that the older you are, your vessels need more help. The important factor that worse a condition of blood vessels is smoking. Sedative mode of life and stress, which are very common in our world, do not acts in favour of normal functioning of blood vessel. Summing up, Flavocard is designed for adults, irrespective from age and sex, however it is particularly beneficial for individuals in medium and older age, who want to keep energy and remain fit and active.

Is Flavocard a medicine?

Flavocard is not a medicine (drug) and should not in any case replace drugs prescribed by a doctor. Flavocardis a dietary supplement. The role of dietary supplements is providing nutrients and other components, which should be present in our diet. Fast life and lack of time to take care about a balanced diet as well as quality of food make our diet poor in many essential elements. A good opportunity to enrich and improve our diet is the use of natural products. Flavocard is an ideal example of such a producthest content of cocoa flawanols in the dietary supplements present on the market EFSA (EFSA Journal 2012; 10(7): 2809). The efficiency of cocoa powder in maintaining beneficial elasticity of blood vessels is guaranteed upon daily intake of minimum 200 mg cocoa flavanols (one sachet of Flavocard).
Health claim
Scientific evidence coming from many studies let to the official health claim. The health claim was approved and published by EFSA (EFSA Journal 2012; 10(7): 2809). The efficiency of cocoa powder in maintaining beneficial elasticity of blood vessels is guaranteed upon daily intake of minimum 200 mg cocoa flavanols (one sachet of Flavocard).

Noteworthy, according to the law of the European Union, the information about beneficial effects of a dietary supplement on human health should be given only if there is significant scientific evidence supporting such the information. Scientific evidence are assessed by the experts from European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). Positive opinion of EFSA is required to provide the information about supplement to the customer on the package and to advertise the supplement in the market.

What is a difference between Flavocard and standard cacao?

Technology of production of common, standard cacao involves chemical processing called alkalization. The product, obtained in the result of this process, has attractive dark colour, is less bitter, unfortunately it is also less healthy, since a majority of flavanols was removed. Standard cacao contains no more than 1% of bioavailable flavanols. Cacao powder in Flavocard is obtained using a technology which utilises natural methods of processing like grinding and pressing. There is no alkalization process at all. In consequence, the content of bioavailable flavanols in Flavocard amounts to 7.5%. One should keep in mind that consumption of chocolate or other cacao-containing foods always lead to consumption of other nutrients like fat and sugars, which means excess calories! Flavocard is extremely low-fat supplement and gives only 8.6 kcal per serving (when suspended in water).

How much should Iconsume cacao-containing food daily to intake as much flavanols as is contained in one sachet of Flavocard?


17.5 g

8 cups

Dark chocolate

75 g

¾ bar


375 g

almost 4 bars

Who is responsible for Flavocard?

Flavocard was introduced to the market by Flavopharma Ltd., Polish company run by the scientists from Medical University of Lodz. The manufacturer of the cocoa powder is well-known international company Barry Callebaut.